Is Work Making You Sick?

The alarmingly sedentary!

Wake up call, coffee, news, bath, dress and drive

To office!

Tooth in your ear, words ringing, sometimes chewed –annoying!

Mails and meetings, lobbies and coffee shops, traffic snarls-galling.

Spouse and kids already in bids

The movie is always on time.

Burger in hand and Diet Coke for dowsing,

Eyelids drooping.

And back!

Mattresses depressed anew.

Sedentary alarm!

Wake up call.

The sedentary lives of potato couches. Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Unwittingly we tend to get ourselves entangled in this corporate vortex, which is not a great state of affairs and obviously needs immediate correction. Awareness is the starting point and the best way is to make physical activity a part of our daily lives.

I’m not suggesting that all of us try to structure the rigor of an exercise schedule into our 24 hour-plus day. Instead it could just mesh in with our daily routine. Here are a few ideas:

  • BREAKFAST MOVES – Do a set of stretching exercises while watching your favorite news channel in the morning before breakfast. Add-on a bit off on the spot running and/or skipping to the morning stretches
  • ON THE GO – Avoid the lift and take the stairway to your parking bay while you carry your laptop bag and lunch yourself. You can also plug in your ipod and headphones office and take the stairs upto your office. Alternatively, get off the lift one or more floors floor below and walk up
  • POSTUR’ING’ – Maintaining the right posture, especially while seated, increases blood circulation and helps us  stay and feel more productive. Sit on a chair with your legs bent at right angles and feet flat on the ground. Push your lower back against the base of the chair to maintain the natural curvature of your spine. Lengthen your spine by stretching the top of your had toward the ceiling, while tucking in your chin. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your upper back and neck comfortably straight.
  • TALK THE WALK – In the office, if you tend to talk for long durations on your mobile, take the opportunity to walk up and down the corridor while doing so rather than being seated at your desk
  • ACTIVE SIESTA – After lunch, shut off your mobile and take a quick walk down the garden path if there is one in your office. Else, you could walk in the car park area for five minutes. While working, take two minutes off your work-time every hour to stand, stretch your arms, legs and body, and blank out your mind to give it some rest
  • SOCIALIZE – Instead of using the intercom or internal telephone to speak to a colleague, get up and visit their space. This gives you an excuse to stretch your legs, while a face to face conversation usually yields quicker results than a call or email
  • WORK ‘OUT’ – Use the office gym, if your office has one, or do some desk workouts

This way the required physical activity gets built-in and becomes regular without affecting our daily office routine and will help us perform much more efficiently in a highly stressed corporate environment.

The Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA says, in one of their blogs, that a sedentary lifestyle carries with it a risk of obesity and type 2 Diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning that a sedentary lifestyle could very well be among the ten leading causes of death and disability in the world. By choosing physical activity as the theme for World Health Day, WHO is promoting a healthy, active and tobacco-free life style. The aim is to prevent the disease and disability caused by unhealthy and sedentary living.

So let’s pack in some physical activity as part of our daily routine or better still build in an exercise program over a week that we plan to sick to, come what may. Exercise, keep fit and live a healthy life.

About the Author:

Naresh is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys running, rowing and a multitude of outdoor sports. He also works in the healthcare industry and, at close to sixty years, is trying to create awareness of the concept of health through fitness.

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