Call for Action – Back to Fitness in 21 Days

The very fact that you are reading this blog means that you are interested in figuring out a way to lead a healthy lifestyle, or maybe you are already there and are now on the lookout for new ideas. Over the last few months, we have posted various topics spanning health, fitness and nutrition. All these are aimed at helping you lead a healthy lifestyle that can be sustained lifelong. While we will continue to post articles on these topics, we would also like to take a proactive role in getting you on the path to good health. As part of our endeavor to promote ‘wellness’ to the society at large, we have designed a 21 day ‘back to fitness’ routine for those of you who are trapped in the sedentary lifestyle (that truth be told, has caught up with most of us today).

We all know by now that whichever approach we take towards our health – preventive or post diagnoses – exercise is part of the prescription. So join us as we take the most important step on our way to a healthy lifestyle, getting back on the fitness track. It doesn’t matter if you have never actively worked out or have just taken a six-month hiatus due to general life pressures. This program will help all of us get off the couch and on a regular workout routine. Now before you panic and think “I can’t do this” or sigh in frustration and write this off as another non-starter program, do finish reading this article.

For starters, we are not just posting the 21 day routine and stopping here. We are actually asking that you make the earnest start on Monday, October 22, 2012, along with our team. We will have daily updates on our Facebook page, as well as, a weekly follow-through here. This simple routine will get you ready for the 3.5 km run on Saturday, November 10, 2012, again along with our team. Trust me you will feel good at the end and the sense of satisfaction will be unbeatable.

So this weekend prepare for a ‘wellness’ program towards a healthy tomorrow. Refer to our list below to help you get ready and remember we are with you all the way.

Preparation and points to remember:

  • Pick your workout location, such as a park or the beach, in advance (say this weekend) to get you of to a running start (pun intended) on day one
  • Make sure you have comfortable clothing and the right footwear
  • Have a very clear idea of why you have chosen to get fit. To make this a lifetime habit you need to enjoy it
  • Make sure you prioritize this activity, only you can make the time for it in your schedule
  • Learn from the bad days, celebrate the good ones (in the right way) and don’t give up
  • Slow and steady is the way forward. Injuring yourself will bring your effort to an abrupt halt
  • Always warm-up, cool-down, stretch correctly and stay hydrated
  • Most importantly, check with your doctor on the suitability of any workout and heed your body’s signals

Now that you have patiently read through this, get ready to start. You can log on to  facebook page, or visit our comments section here and post your progress/questions. I will personally be with you every day, monitoring your progress, cheering you on and answering your questions, so you can take your next day out with ease.

Here’s to a fitter, happier and healthier you.

About the author:

Naresh is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys running, rowing and a multitude of outdoor sports. He also works in the healthcare industry and, at close to sixty years, is trying to create awareness of the concept of health through fitness.

Copyright 2012 (c) Primex Scans and Labs. Please do not reproduce this article in its entirety without permission. Alternatively, a link to this URL would be appreciated.


8 responses

  1. […] We all know by now that whichever approach we take towards our health – preventive or post diagnoses – exercise is part of the prescription. So join us as we take the most important step on our way to a healthy lifestyle, getting back on the fitness track. It doesn’t matter if you have never actively worked out or have just taken a six-month hiatus due to general life pressures. This program will help all of us get off the couch and on a regular workout routine.  Here’s the starter article. […]

  2. nareshvassudhev | Reply

    The relaxed walk/swim for 30 min must have been a refresher today. Friday Day 5 — you will reduce walk time by 1 min and increase running time by 1 min. A whole new game plan and it’s going to work. It’s now time to give you some tips on Running:

    Keep your head tilted down slightly. Look ahead 10-20 feet. Concentrate on running in a straight line. Relax your jaws and your neck.

    Keep them relaxed and square. Do not hunch over as this will restrict your breathing passage reducing oxygen flow to your working muscles.

    The head and shoulders tell the complete story. Tension often originates in the head and shows up in the face neck and shoulders. Consciously relax your face, jaws, neck and shoulders. The relaxation will percolate down to your entire body.

    Lean forward slightly from the waist. Open your chest and shoulders for effective breathing. Hit that balance.

    Keep your hips in line with head and shoulders. Your leg should strike (hit ground) directly under your hips which is your center of gravity.

    Drop your arms. Relax. Keep it bent at about 90 degrees at your elbow. Again — relax, nice and easy. Swing your arms up and down in conjunction with your legs as you run. The faster you run the faster is the swing. Use the swing of your arm to propel you forward. Swing you arms upward chest high and on the downswing brush your waistband and bring them back behind your body. Keep it there and do not overdo. Make it nice and graceful. You will find it translating into an enjoyable run. Your arm movements will also minimize the rotation of the torso while you run.

    Cup your hand like you are holding an egg that you wouldn’t want to break. The thumb should gently touch the top half of your index finger. Do not clench your fists or lift/drop your thumb. It will most likely cause stress and pain in your neck and shoulders. Don’t let your arms cross over to the other half of your body during the swing. Keep them to their respective sides.

    That said:
    Habits die hard. The style/pose that you have adopted is something that your body has found efficient for itself. Your brain has memorized it and that’s the style it will permit. Call it habit if you want. So if you need to change, do it one at a time. — repeatedly so your brain erases the old style and remembers the new one.

    So enjoy your run tomorrow, enjoy your game on Saturday and relax at the AGS Cinemas on Sunday. Post your progress and let’s meet next week.


  3. nareshvassudhev | Reply

    The stiffness will slowly disappear. You’ve doubled your run and that’s good progress. For those of you who do not have access to a swimming pool, the relaxed walk should help. Take it nice and easy. Breathe in a lot of fresh air. Listen to some soothing music while you are walking. And do not forget your warming up and warming down even during the days when you are out on a walk or a swim or playing a game outdoors.

    Warming up and Warming down are nothing but basic stretches before and after your routine.

    Here is a set that you can follow:
    1.Lift your hands above your heads and reach as high as possible. Breathe in as you do this. Count 5. Now breathe out and drop your hands to normal position. Count 5. Repeat 5 times
    2. With your hands outstretched above your head bend backwards as much as you can. Count 5. Come back to your normal position. Count 5. Repeat 5 times
    3.Lift your arms to your side and keep it parallel to the ground. Turn right while twisting on your trunk. Count 5. Turn back to face straight. Count 5. Now do the same thing while turning to your left. Count 5. Repeat 5 times
    3. Lift your hands above your head, bend forward and touch your toes. Count 5. Repeat 5 times. It does not matter if you cannot reach and touch your toes. Go as far as possible. Over a period of time you will be able to, very easily.

    There are more but these are sufficient for a start. The exercises are the same for both warming up and warming down.

    Tomorrow is your relaxed walk.
    When you get back on Friday for your 25 min work-out alternating between 2 min walk and 3 min run, use the first walk for a warm up and mental preparedness. Take the 3 min run nice and easy. Take long strides and breathe in rhythm to your run. Walk briskly and use it for recovery. Enjoy the morning sun and the greenery around you. Please note, you will finish your 25th minute with your 3 min run. Do not stop soon thereafter. Please continue to walk for 2 min and while doing so get your breath back. Recover – like you did during the walks before the runs. Then warm down with the set of exercises given above.

    Watch these columns for more.



  4. Had some aches on day two but a swim was a great idea and made a big difference. Day three was challenging and I really had to use a lot of willpower to stay on course for the running parts towards the end.

  5. nareshvassudhev | Reply

    So. How did day two go? I’m sure you enjoyed it. Keep it going.

  6. nareshvassudhev | Reply

    Trust you had a great start. Some of you may experience some stiffness, pain in your thigh muscles etc. But that’s quite normal. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lot’s of water. Enjoy the day. Prepare your mind to wake up on time tomorrow. It’s now mind over body. Never say die.
    When you are out tomorrow, remember to breathe in and out in rhythm with your walk/run example – breathe in 3 steps and breathe out 2 steps.
    If you experience breathlessness or acute pain in your knees or any other part of your body, just stop, relax, take deep breaths to pump in oxygen into your system, warm down.
    If it continues see a doctor.
    Else, Continue the fitness plan on day three.
    Good luck!!

  7. nareshvassudhev | Reply

    Good to know you are kicked about the 21 day back to fitness program.
    Welcome to a whole new world of wellness!
    Relax – now, through the workout and always! That’s the key.
    Stretching for 5 minutes before the work out and for 5 minutes after is highly recommended.
    Ensure that your clothes and footwear for the workout are comfortable.
    Choose the right place so you can enjoy the environment and the weather. Make new friends.
    Good Luck!

  8. Dusting of my shoes and stretching a little bit so that I can make it through the plan on Monday. Anyone else excited but a little nervous?

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