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Christmas is coming…

The goose is getting fat, recipe books are being dusted off and hotels are preparing for Christmas cake mixing sessions. It’s a wonderful time of the year, full of festive cheer, catching up with friends, exchanging gifts and generally making merry, all of this accompanied by good food and wine of course.
Good food and wine, the perfect accompaniments to a nice evening out. In fact, can you really imagine catching up with friends and not sharing a meal? It’s something all of us do at least once a week right? Once a week, that’s the operative phase. Drinking in moderation which means two drinks for a man and one for a woman, once a week, is perfectly fine and does your body almost no damage at all. The same goes for eating rich ‘party’ food. The problem is, that during the festive season once a week tends to become every day or every other day, and as a result during that short week between Christmas and New Year a whole year’s sensible eating can go down the tubes, leaving you to start the New Year feeling totally depressed and frustrated. The end result, instead of looking forward to new beginnings, the focus would be on regrets over a year’s efforts wasted.

So, is the option curling up in bed every night and painting your toe nails? Now that would be truly crazy right? This is the time to wear a slinky black dress and show off that gorgeous figure that has cost you more hours in the gym than you care to remember. So how on earth does one really strike a balance?

As with everything else, the answer begins in your mind. Are you absolutely certain that you cannot enjoy that party without a plate of potato crisps and a whole lot of alcohol? Surely not, after all you are there to catch up with friends and enjoy their company right? So how about focussing on that instead of on the food and drink? Convince the group to join in some interesting party games maybe? Or even better; roll up the carpet, put on some lively music and get everyone dancing. You can be certain that the whole group will have a great time, and leave the party feeling wonderful. That “feel good” factor that comes only with vigorous exercise can make us all feel on top of the world. Best of all of you will wake up feeling full of beans rather than hung over and depressed.

If you are a fairly close group of friends who party together over the festive week, maybe you could suggest that everyone brings one or two dishes. This will earn you loads of brownie points from the hostesses, and at least a few of you can plan to carry some healthy, wholesome food rather than artery clogging ‘delicacies’.  But that’s going ahead to dinner, right? Before that you still have hours of drinking and snacking to get through. The first option is of course the games and the dancing. However, if that doesn’t work, or if you are in a restaurant, your best option lies in a bowl of soup, as this blog keeps advocating. Ask for a clear chicken or vegetable soup. It will fill you up nicely, thus keeping you away from the fried stuff, and help you stagger your alcohol intake.

The key to the whole game is to stick to your exercise routine, no matter what. If possible increase your exercise time, and this is where the dancing at parties comes in handy. Never forget that extra calories consumed have to be burnt or they will accumulate as fat in the body. Drink in moderation , and taste rather that eat the fried stuff and desserts, and you will be facing 2013 with a lovely broad smile because your favourite party dress feels looser than it did last year.

Have yourself a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

About the author:

Sunitha Srinivasan has qualified with the National Association of Fitness Certification in the USA as a Lifestyle Consultant and Resistance Trainer. She focuses on helping people with their struggle to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle,  given the time constraints and stress present in today’s world.
She also conducts workshops on Wellness, Stress Management and Work-Life balance.
She can be reached at Sunitha@sans-souci.in

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