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Making Those Resolutions Stick

Welcome 2013, it will be good to make your acquaintance.

Somehow the dawn of a new year brings with it a fission of anticipation, new beginnings and the start of a year that will be better than the last one. Some small bit of left over childishness makes one believe that the new calendar will bring along good tidings and with that belief come the new resolutions.

New year resolutions, we make them year after year, and within a week or at the most a month of the new year, every one of us is back to our old comfortable ways. All the good resolve falls by the way side, leaving us with the sinking feeling of having failed ourselves in some way.

Think about it for a bit. Most times, we set ourselves up for failure by expecting too much of ourselves. just because it’s a new year, a person who has never exercised can’t suddenly become a marathon runner can he? Or, if you have never been a very disciplined eater, you can’t suddenly become a true follower of the perfect diet. If change is to last a life time, it has to evolve in slow, natural stages.

It’s important for us to realise that the 1st of January only marks the beginning of a slow and steady climb towards the goal of a healthier life. If you have never exercised before, start with a 15 minute walk thrice a week. Increase the pace and duration slowly until you are covering one and a half kilometres in half an hour. Take it slow and easy. It’s ideal if you get to this level by the end of January. Do remember to stretch before and after your walk, and always warm up and cool down.

Then there is the matter of your diet. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are one of those very normal people who enjoys your desserts and crisps, telling yourself that you will never touch another sweet for as long as you live is asking for the onset of unbearable cravings. What would be realistic is to allow yourself a day of the week to indulge in moderation, and for the rest of the time, substitute desserts with fruit or a small spoon of honey. Over a period of a month or two, you will gradually build an aversion to unhealthy food that will last you a life time.

So there you go. Enjoy the start of the new year. It’s when you should let your hair down and have a good time. As for embarking on a healthy lifestyle, plan on making small advances through the year. Easy does it and the battle of the bulge will be won slowly and gently, with no prisoners in sight.

Smile your way through 2013!

About the author:

Sunitha Srinivasan has qualified with the National Association of Fitness Certification in the USA as a Lifestyle Consultant and Resistance Trainer. She focuses on helping people with their struggle to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle,  given the time constraints and stress present in today’s world.
She also conducts workshops on Wellness, Stress Management and Work-Life balance.
She can be reached at Sunitha@sans-souci.in

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